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sleepy nut

tbh i don’t think she’d even be that mad

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Store update: dakimakura and playmats edition

The Kaleina dakimakura cover is up for preorder!

Expected to start shipping mid-January. As always, orders containing preorder items will be held until all items become available. If you have an existing order that has not shipped yet and would like to add an item to it, please send an email to medicalwhiskey (at) gmail with the items you would like to add.

Additionally, emi’s playmats from AX2017 are now up on the store.

Narumeia’s playmat is also back in stock.

gebyy’s Purple x Black book has started shipping. There is a very limited amount remaining, so grab one if you haven’t yet!

kaleina fappin

kaleina daki

time to die



he really couldn’t wait

also drew some OCs

Cteno for slugbox’s birthday

and Cryska for RuneOcarina… for funsies

4th fleet 4some & kchan not-quite-entirely-gaychan

c91 guest illusts c u dere ❤😂😍👌✌💕

high score


gotta get that high angle bonus

thanks doyo

Store Update: Kaleina edition

My Kaleina book now available for preorder!


Additionally, introducing playmats! Trying these out, maybe I’ll do more in the future if they turn out well.

Also, don’t forget Crescendo is still available. Once it goes out of stock it won’t be reprinted, so don’t miss it!

Preorders are estimated to ship near the end of June. If your order contains non-preorder items as well, we will hold them until the preorders ship.