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ᕙ(ゝᐅ・)ܢ キラッ☆

slut boat, now with more cockNSRu

We will also be at Fanime

Just not next to Mags. We couldn’t get that front row seating like him.



So stop by and say hi. I even made a book like Rice! Of comparable quality, I swear.

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot

A carrot.



fat and not-as-fat shimakazezekamashia ZKMSa

it’s a ghost

or maybe just a bunch of slut ships and penisesnoshirof agano ktkm torpedoc zekamasi4

the kankore ship might’ve sailed…

but the moment i set eyes on the abyssal girls, my heart sank



random stuffbig-ofatagoshibuya_rinhamakazehamburger

damaged goods

kancolle_repair ded_murakumo

Ship Sisters with Yuri Undertones


my friend minevi is selling a book at summer comiket this year, east hall table D31b on day one. I made this guest illustration for her book. you should go pick one up if you happen to be at comiket.

why bother writing my own posts when doyo already did it for me

p.s.: more ukas

ukasama-4 ukasama-4b ukasama-6