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mako ryuko 2 chibryumako lr

I have not been feeling well lately so I’ve been slow at getting prints done. I’ll be selling at local conventions and AX.

Live stream sketch requests

iowa lrryuko doodleJust simple Patreon requests. Below are just a few more doodles.

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you got a ryuko! time to make a gigantic print of this lololol

caught a ryukooo

how mako was made

i cant sexualize mako so i sexualize her mom instead. i’m still learning new stuff.

vanillai drew so many guys at the recent convention that i felt the need to draw boobs and lewd stuff. i wanna be better at drawing lewd. ;_;

only real wives motorboat their husbands.

real wives do this for their husbands

copying? no, not really!

sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a pose and i usually stare at photos of people for references and pose ideas, but they aren’t very fun.

so it helps to draw stuff from anime, movies, or redraw stuff by artists you like or whatnot. it’s great practice and it’s fun~

doodlesa_babby satsuki is so friggin cute. i think their parents have ridiculously weird 90s hair styles.

and it’s back to drawing stuff that i won’t post. :v

pixiv 10mil thing

Paint an ema in celebration of pixiv reaching 10,000,000 users!

http://10000000.pixiv.net/ema/X127:Y34 is where mine is, next to doom and enki’s.
k’s ema is right next to doom.

missing the zerosDid some pchatting with panties, ham, and kohou:

pchat1 pchat3 pchat2

why is the circus so exciting?

Because it’s in tents

I don’t think I can continue using puns forever.

Surprisingly few gainax/trigger requests this year:



I’m not very confident naked

I’m only a little cocky.

Still trying to get used to using a tablet again. Did I ever know how? It feels like I’m drawing with my left foot.





robber tried lying to superman

but he saw right through him.

Well let’s get right to it:



and a WIP that might get finished within the next year, maybe:

with this economy, maybe I should have been a garbage man

that industry is always picking up

more stuff from night shift:



After much delay for no apparent reason, we have finally submitted in our artist alley registration for Anime Expo. Now to get some prints done and see were we sit. I hope it’s not some place where you fuckers can find us.