how mako was made

i cant sexualize mako so i sexualize her mom instead. i’m still learning new stuff.

vanillai drew so many guys at the recent convention that i felt the need to draw boobs and lewd stuff. i wanna be better at drawing lewd. ;_;

only real wives motorboat their husbands.

real wives do this for their husbands

copying? no, not really!

sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a pose and i usually stare at photos of people for references and pose ideas, but they aren’t very fun.

so it helps to draw stuff from anime, movies, or redraw stuff by artists you like or whatnot. it’s great practice and it’s fun~

doodlesa_babby satsuki is so friggin cute. i think their parents have ridiculously weird 90s hair styles.

and it’s back to drawing stuff that i won’t post. :v