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If I had to describe myself in one word

it would be, “bad at following directions.”

Happy Birffday Kuroneko (not best girl)

Happy birthday

Im too lazy to color it, but i did draw kuroneko.

Happy birthday dave, im bad at drawing dildos. If someone could color this it’ll look better i guess.img146kuronekoblack


Ippus, Doyora and I met up at NYCC and i ended up getting that Kurofag to draw me some delicious Kirino.

I will enjoy seeing you bitches weep.


His drawings are so desu in traditionals its kinda awesomes.


We bullied him into drawing us into moe desu girls uhu~



Also quick doodle of my Poketrainer from a few days ago. Beat the game and just collect clothes all day q_q.


Kuroneko in Tokyo

Dave (Doyora) and I drawing together on his last night here in Tokyo.

Will upload Photos from day 3 of Comiket when I return to New Zealand, there was an insane amount of cosplay on the final day.

kuroneko with a kettle

i’m unoriginal