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ur a wizard arey


School is in session

Take your pencils out. This is going to be a hard test. Ahri ready? The Sona you start the sooner this will end.


Bonus Sona





gift for a super cool dude

I’m really alive this time + AWA2015

I said I’d be back and now I am. For good this time. I’m going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta this coming weekend. If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hello and maybe buy a print or two.

I’m selling a buncha new prints and some older ones.AA pool - ariane

Nasosi’s also selling things at my booth, so please check it out. Here’s a map to my location!

AWA map



rito pls where skin

foxy titties

sorry fellas arev snuck up on me before i could finish

or maybe i am just teasin’ y’all

fuck yes

my body was not ready for the news today
i was going to draw a lewd picture next but i didn’t have enough time so tomorrow

3 new prints

saekano league2lr league1aThese are the three new prints I drew for AX 2015. They’ll be up in the shop soon!

Thanks to everyone who purchased my prints! :3


doodle dump


Various sketches and doodles from the past month!

lux gropes

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rice at AX

It’s almost time for AX! I’ll be at table J46 in the alley, waaay in the back.

New prints:
ahri-2015 ashe evelynn

Plus some from earlier this year:
leona-diana yukari ecaflip

And of course, I will have Crescendo for sale as well. Make sure you have an ID that proves you are 18+!

Swing by, and check the sticky post for everyone else’s locations. See y’all there!