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why is the circus so exciting?

Because it’s in tents

I don’t think I can continue using puns forever.

Surprisingly few gainax/trigger requests this year:



I should probably make another left right pun for consistency

but I couldn’t make one right, so I just left it at that.

Step 2:

It’s just a continuation of the first step, but with a second color. I’m choosing my lines primarily from the pink ones i put down earlier, but not strictly. Because there’s a little mess, I can throw in details. With the more refined lines, there’ll also be less slop in the lines and forgiveness on poorly defined aspects. A lot of times, I’ll find that things don’t actually make sense proportionally or join up correctly. So thing will get corrected and drawn over or erased.

It’s still the pencil tool here. In specific, with size sensitivity on full (min size = 0) and just a tiny bit of opacity sensitivity (70-100% opacity range). Rather than using the eraser, I do quick right click>color select on a white section and draw over things.

I’m continuing to work on the same layer I started with. I picked up the habit of working on only one layer from pchatting so much; I get layers mixed up quickly when I do try to separate stuff. But the main reason I’ve continued to stick to one layer is to stay in a good work flow. Not having to click back and forth between the layers or constantly flipping my stylus to get to the eraser helps to keep my hand moving. There are obvious weaknesses to this method, and I think it would be a good idea for most people to eventually move away from it, but it works for me. I’m likely to just stop if the drawing becomes a tedium.

At this point, I’ll also decide if I intend to color it. If I don’t plan on ever coloring it, I’ll spend a bit more time refining the lines and details. If I do plan on coloring it, I’ll get to somewhere around here and start coloring. While I could spend more time refining my lineart first to save me complications in the future, I prefer always maintaining forward progress and interest in the drawing.

it’s not like they’ve all gone and left

But they didn’t exactly go to the right either.

Actually it’s that damned pokemans game.

Since my productivity is extremely slow, I thought I could make a go at a slow WIP narrative.

Construction lines. I use pink.. because pink a is a pretty color.

I’m not sure what a formally trained artist will tell you is supposed to be happening in this step. I’ll usually have a basic concept in my head of want I want at this point, so I’ll establish a perspective and the location of something important (usually the head of the focal character). Then it’s like cloudwatching. I’ll try to define some more shapes and forms, but that goes out the window quickly. Just throwing down lines and ideas as fast as possible.

The actually technique is none. I grab the pencil tool in pink and draw a shape. If it does not look right or something better comes to mind, I’ll throw the new shape on top of it. Erasing rarely happens on this step. Somewhere along the way it’ll either become too much of a mess and I’ll erase large portions to start over, or some lines look promising. I’ll pick the lines I think look good with a second color (usually maroon or brown, because those were default colors in pchat and I’m used to it now). Cloudwatching.

A lot of deviations from the initial concept I had in my head happen at this step. I’m told it gets better with time, but a person’s brain doesn’t visualize a complete coherent composition. At least /my/ brain doesn’t function that well. There’ll probably be a general mood and scene, and details to be included, but some parts linking the details with the overall composition will be missing. Perspectives won’t make sense, details will overlap, or things look like shit. And so this step allows me to be more organic and allow the idea to develop visually instead of going nowhere in my head. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to throw it away and start over; minimal time is invested at this point and you don’t want to continue chasing a fundamentally flawed idea.

Step two tomorrow? More cloudwatching.

saw a great movie about hot dogs

It was an Oscar Wiener


and so it looks like the hometown pchat is finally back. and it looks like this will now never be finished.

naked girl walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre

bartender gives it to her



my coworker’s birthday card wasn’t very interesting

it was cardbored

Despite not updating much, I have been drawing at close to my usual output. Just nothing I really liked.
(left by SIG)