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I once introduced red sauce to cheese sauce

it was a bond made in holy macaroni

A pchat break from drawing Christmas cards because I made no promises on how many I’d actually do:

An English Vocaloid that doesn’t sound embarrassing?

Because as much as I like Miku’s twintails, they’re a pain in the ass to paint.


lol ;__;

I don’t think I can finish them in just 3 days…but i’ll do my best ;___;

(Geez, I need to change her face, poor Teto ;A;)


racing some guys in suits

ended at a tie

(Luka x XM-8)

Voca-fi artbook first preview

*PROCRASTINATION FOREVER*  So, I’m going to change my nickname for something like: “endless working in progress-chan” alias “wipchan” uguuuu

hate drawing backgrounds, so screw it *flip table*

some call it laziness

but i prefer “efficiency”

lineart blatantly stolen from panties.

Denon AH-D7000, Nike Air Royal Mid

(jokes on hold during girls-guns-headphons-sneakers posts)

I no longer remember where I was going with this, and I wanted to reestablish frontpage dominance:

Megurine Luka: Denon AH-D7000, Nike Air Royal Mid (VT antique brown)

don’t bother with broken pencils

They’re pointless.

I’ll never get majority of front page while maintaining quality. Con season isn’t for another half a year, what am I thinking?

The headphone tag isn’t getting as much action as it used to, so maybe I’ll at least finish this first.

could maybe throw in glasses and guns as well

No gambling allowed at the zoo

too many cheetahs

oh hey, there’s this place called TegakiE.

sometimes pchat goes down and I find old unfinished sketches on there.

In the midst of boredom, I looked up the ages of vocaloid and Luka is listed as being 20? I don’t feel so creepy anymore.

why is it called a chicken coupe?

because if it had four doors, it’d be a chicken sedan.

here, going back to drawing multiple girls/characters in the same scene:

because everybody loves piles of girls.

and more scenery stuff:

why is camping so exciting?

because it’s in-tents.

This last one is weird. Doesn’t really look like my usual style.