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Half price chocolate

Only costs your pride.



did you see the SuperbOwl?

it was a hoot



Don’t understand the jokes about the higgs?

We’re just on different wave lengths, that’s all.

Most people should get this joke.

For anybody in Vancouver:
I’ll be at MiniComi this Saturday, representing MW. There’ll be a quick collage/mashup print for Voca-Fi
UBC ballroom. Sharing table with KL and Zephuu.

Chinese sailors don’t have the best diets

they eat a lot of junk food

I’m going to run out of backup scibbles soon.

old man working his ho when some kids walk by

“nice flowers”

The magical girl club:

7 koma

pchatting used to be cool and acceptable

I think I’ve missed my chance to hijack now that I’m back to being a boring salaryman


where does a queen keep her armies?

in her sleevies

The transition from lines to paints/colors seems to be going better for me lately. Managing to maintain more of the details and nuances that I liked about the original. I wonder if I’m having this problem because I don’t really understand my own style.

Pchat – Kyouko & Ika Musume

Madoka night on pchat.

Doyora done all the colours for Ika. Yes I jelly.