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peachy hime

peach&mario lrHere’s a full rendered drawing! Something that only happens about once a month or so! I had some difficulties drawing the flowers, but I pulled through somehow.

I’ll be selling this as a print at upcoming cons! I might make it to AX this year after all, thanks to friends being cool and things!

Below is a bit of a process and some rough sketches that resulted into the final version.

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a blooper girl


in the mood to draw some mario since i’m playing superstar saga. :3

why do you fags have birthdays so close to each other



Still love you all <3

Mario rkgk

secret collectionrosalina has all kinds of books.

i just wanted to draw a bunch of lewd faces, but i thought it’d be interesting to try it with mario.

mario and friends

mario schoolboys

in school uniforms! this should have probably gone with the other post with the girls.

i had some time so i decided to sit here and doodle things.

mario color doodles

mario color testwhat on earth has driven me to color my doodles? i have never done this. well, maybe once when i was coloring those corpse party doodles… but that doesn’t count. this was just coloring practice.

seriously where the hell did baby rosalina come from?

many scribbles

all posted on twitter, except i decided to color one of them.


WP_000555 WP_000554 WP_000564

i lied about not posting

because i got the chance to doodle a lot for two days. sorry, it’s just marios and stuff.

workdoodles15 workdoodles14-a workdoodles14-byeah, that’s a bowser gijinka. just kill me now. i felt like i ruined him so i felt like drawing actual bowser. ;_;


mario doodles

yesterday’s work doodles.

marioandluigis3luigi is the cutest little sister. :3


just some marios

sorry no yuris. i just had to get the marios out of my system because i’ve been playing mario&luigi dream team. i just got passed somnom woods and finally at bowser’s castle. that only took forever.

marioandluigis1 marioandluigis2luigi is gay for his aniki.

been putting off stuff i should be drawing for a long time now. better get working on those…