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I didn’t want to triple post

Miku’s just so fucking easy to draw holymoly.


Some ballpoint pen and digital doodlesrurururs.3 2

Vancouver today was hardly the right temperature

It wasn’t anywhere close to 90 degrees

I delayed (as per usual) on starting Christmas Cards. I’m only about 10 cards done? I think I’ll just do the first 30 as first-come-first-served and then choose randomly for the rest.

Stuff I drew at conventions that I remembered to take photos of:




I once introduced red sauce to cheese sauce

it was a bond made in holy macaroni

A pchat break from drawing Christmas cards because I made no promises on how many I’d actually do:

An English Vocaloid that doesn’t sound embarrassing?

Because as much as I like Miku’s twintails, they’re a pain in the ass to paint.


two zombies were once happily married

but then death did them part.

A recap of MW plays L4D2:





It’s been a long week

akiba-concept-bykaienkun weird miku ugghhi guess i’m on my limit right now, i’m feeling dizzy and my right hand hurt like hell… ;___; work is taking my life away


Maids and Miku (WIP & sketches)

Pchat – Miku Miku Miku

Left: Pas
Center: Nanoha
Right: Yin

No tablet pressure. Pencil only. Final destination.

Stax Omega , ATH-W5000

Not going to kid myself, I probably won’t be polishing this further

Happy Birthday Miku

Belated delivery.

WIP progress below:
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why are lobsters never served at charities?

because they’re shellfish.

Drawing a lot of head side profiles lately. Probably my weakest angle, so I’ll call it practice.

Really need a better way to fill in backgrounds other than throwing in random large monsters/pokemons/mechs.