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This will be available as print, too. Felt like being painty this time.

Neptunia PVC Straps are in the MW shop!

2015-08-12 04.25.32


I’ve always wanted my favorite goddess with me so I had some of these made based on my chibi drawings! If the main goddesses sell well, I’ll have the goddess candidates straps made as well. They are being sold for $7 each.

A link to the store is at the top of the website or you can click here: MW Store

They are scheduled to ship on August 19th. Preorder status will be removed then.

I’m so happy to finally have a Neptune with me all the time now~ :’3



Nep doodles

nepchib_allcolorThis is a Neppu chibi. :3

And the rest are stuff I’ve been posting on Twitter.

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commissions: do’s and don’t’s

nepchoo_I created an ask.fm. Please relieve me of my boredom while I’m at work. Here is the link: ask.fm/the_geb

And without further ado, here’s the thing that this post is all about.

I hate doing commissions. There, I said it. But I do them anyway because it’s still cool that people like my drawings and that they’re willing to pay me for something drawn specifically by me. So don’t feel bad! I truly appreciate all of your support. I cave in super easily if people really like my drawings, I can’t help but accept their commissions. Makes me go d’aww ; v;)… These feels~

So anyway, here goes.

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my life is overrrr

and starting next week, i won’t get the chance to doodle at work anymore because only this department uses these pink header sheets. sucks, in a sense. but whatever.

WP_000291 WP_000290 WP_000289i’ll be working 6 days a week starting monday. hooraaayyyy.





i’m a kangaroo!



i'm a BOING


hipper dimenshun neptuna

I love this game with all my heart.

Also, Peashy is mai daughteru do not steal kthx.