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doodle doodles

vertblanc-s irisuniforms

Nep doodle dump


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Neptunia PVC Straps are in the MW shop!

2015-08-12 04.25.32


I’ve always wanted my favorite goddess with me so I had some of these made based on my chibi drawings! If the main goddesses sell well, I’ll have the goddess candidates straps made as well. They are being sold for $7 each.

A link to the store is at the top of the website or you can click here: MW Store

They are scheduled to ship on August 19th. Preorder status will be removed then.

I’m so happy to finally have a Neptune with me all the time now~ :’3



senran and doodle dump

so many swordsI finally finished this up. Second new print for Anime Detour and Animinneapolis! I’ll sell some old stuff, too. Below is a process for this drawing and various doodles from Twitter.

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unigearcThis is a super canon fanart with some super canon comic doodles.

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A girl and a Christmas cake have in common

nobody wants either after the 25th.

Still love you Gebs. It’s just totally non-sexual now.




Ricegnat and Kaho helped. The people watching me draw this in pchat were perplexed.

more neps!

vertxifcOf all my doodles, this one was the only one I managed to color the other day! I’ve been spamming those texture brushes lately. The rest is just really bad Nep comics that I drew. :v

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NEP rkgk

IFs believe in arfoire nepoutfriendzonednep friendzonednep2 eat the puddingThere was a lot of yuri in Re;birth, but the endings lacked impact this time. I wanna try drawing all the characters in the Nep universe. I especially like Marvelous-chan‘s design. The characters are all so mascotty, but that’s why I like them.


I can’t draw lewd and/or porn to save my life, so Doyo helped by coloring and make things more Gebs-friendly.



Im sooorrrriii i can’t into good moe. q_q



it’s not much

but it’s more than last year!

pb-lr senran_lr pot_lrthese are the 3 new prints i’ll be selling at AX. i’m selling an old one from last year too! can’t wait to meet everyone!!