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why do you never see an elephant hiding in a tree?

because they’re very good at it

Oh, i got into Artist Alley at Anime North.

Also, a bunch of us will be at Sakuracon -but no table. If you have one and would enjoy our company, please leave a message. We liek to know which weirdoes to avoid.

any idea what a grape says when you step on it?

not much, it just lets out a little wine

Some more random waifu scribbles for the new year:

Is you name homework?

because I’m not doing you, but I should be.


2015-06-25-0427-000because I’m not doing you but I should be

UPS man and I have something going on

He was checking out my package


I am not a classy gentleman

Already finished school.


Corkscrew Blow Battle. Mio Naganohara vs Dudley


pchatting used to be cool and acceptable

I think I’ve missed my chance to hijack now that I’m back to being a boring salaryman