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some drawers are more lewd than others

especially the ones that hold the underwear




Shinobu was also a popular request this year, with varying amounts of lewd.

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And then… they get married

random doodle is random … (lol)

junk dump

i hereby renounce huge breasts

for an indeterminate period of time

i am a chippai man now

baby seal walks into a club


pas & panties: the blog

the battle for page 1 (i’m winning).

Guess who’s back ;D

awww yeah XDDDD! me and my crappy drawings ARE BACK!
I was little busy at work, but is nice to see you again guys! I’ve missed you so much <3 ;A;

And as you can see, I’m still working on these drawing and maybe someday, I’ll finish them OTZ!!


boobs week? more like every day