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She’s not gonna be any kind of support.

Store update: dakimakura and playmats edition

The Kaleina dakimakura cover is up for preorder!

Expected to start shipping mid-January. As always, orders containing preorder items will be held until all items become available. If you have an existing order that has not shipped yet and would like to add an item to it, please send an email to medicalwhiskey (at) gmail with the items you would like to add.

Additionally, emi’s playmats from AX2017 are now up on the store.

Narumeia’s playmat is also back in stock.

gebyy’s Purple x Black book has started shipping. There is a very limited amount remaining, so grab one if you haven’t yet!

Post-con Store Update

This update was a little delayed, but here it is. New prints and playmats are up on the store. Kaleina and Ahri playmats are back in stock, as well as a number of older prints.


hi not dead + Otakon 2016

I haven’t posted here in a while. I drew some prints, and I’ll be selling them at Otakon this year. My booth number is H-04, drop by if you like. (;´・ω・)

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Illustration dump

owswimsuits rinarcher s OPMxUMARU s

I am so very tired. I wanted to do a vocaloid illustration too, but I am out of time.

See you guys at AX, table is at J34. Sharing the table with one of my BL-drawing friends.


overwatch dump

hanzo f

Some Overwatch doodling and sketching I’ve done recently. People seemed to make a huge deal about how thin I drew Mei but I was just going with the reference provided.

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