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Can’t feed a taxidermist

They do the stuffing.

I don’t remember drawing/updating on a regular basis being so hard.





cleavagepawnch cleavagepwanchsome late night pchat with rift, panties, zenu and aids.


pchat session Jan 11 2013


this girl at work told me sexist jokes aren’t funny

Doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, peiod.


I’ll probably resume posting Christmas cards tomorrow. Just need to think of something to write about.

I hit f5 and saw updates by other people

It was so refreshing.

So, in my recent pchat nostalgia I found a missing member of MW:

Reports of his demise were premature.

I’m pretty comfortable in my computer chair

but my recliner and I go way back

waifus22_01 waifus22_02

So I also ended up in /a/. I guess that’s not so surprising. Maybe one day I too will have a waifu.

you don’t have to make it hard to be like me

mine is usually flacid.

Gebs, you forgot the the thigh highs.

Being in pchat again was so comfortable and familiar, like being third in line for the town bicycle.

a pun about sound?

but you’ve probably already heard it.

(another random pchat collab)

getting even with a pony is easy

add three

Magic is Friendship. Or something like that.

nobody likes just one pony

it’s a little odd number

And I’m back. You Horse Fuckers.