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Ippus, Doyora and I met up at NYCC and i ended up getting that Kurofag to draw me some delicious Kirino.

I will enjoy seeing you bitches weep.


His drawings are so desu in traditionals its kinda awesomes.


We bullied him into drawing us into moe desu girls uhu~



Also quick doodle of my Poketrainer from a few days ago. Beat the game and just collect clothes all day q_q.





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so we did one of these

Champion Iris, Bell, and FABULOUS OUJOSAMA from Pokemon.3x3 grid otsuuu

I can’t think of a witty title

Nor can I think of a witty caption.
I already can see at least six things I can fix on this, but I’ll close this one for now.

did you see the SuperbOwl?

it was a hoot



did some math for time spent on cards

it wasn’t easy as pi, but I think sum estimate is better than nothing.

I remember one of the most commonly used lines for an Asian in high school was “if I were to get xx% on every test from here, I can still get a x.xx GPA.” And as one test or a second slipped below the proposed average, a new figure was hashed out and viewed, however unreasonably, as a perfectly feasible goal. I thought the same of cards. “If I can finish two cards a day from the end of October through November, with an extra two every weekend, I can guarantee 70 cards with two weeks to spare for envelopes and writing comments. At that rate, I could even possibly ask for more!” In much the same way that experience and repetitive disappointment taught me nothing in my years of academia, I found myself not sleeping the day before my birthday, folding envelopes and writing addresses with the only black pen I could find in my apartment.


The actual math of how long it took to draw them all is a fairly long problem:
20-30 minutes of actual drawing per card (1875 minutes)
20 minutes of downtime between cards to think about the next request, or chat, or watch anime, or browse, or browse porn, or just daydream (at two cards per day, 32*20 = 640 minutes)
10 minutes at the beginning of each session to scribble nothing and erase it all (~30 sessions = 300 minutes)
5 minutes to write something on the back (375 minutes)

I was folding envelopes and writing addresses at about 5 minutes a piece (375 minutes)
Give the usual 10 minutes warmup for two sessions (20 minutes total)

So the total is roughly 3585 minutes, or just short of 60 hours, with about 30 hours of actual drawing. Half the time was spent on indirect costs and overheads… otherwise known as the misplaced optimisms.

Good thing I get paid a salary and not an hourly wage? It should be obvious at this point that I’m not expecting any monetary gain, or hurting for cash to keep this going. So enjoy the cards. Try not to get them too sticky. Paper does not wash well.


In reality, I haven’t a clue how much time was spent. Most of those numbers are completely arbitrary and without base.


i was disappointed she didn’t get a growth spurt in BW2



because you faggots aren’t even keeping the boycott

i’ll just post