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getting even with a pony is easy

add three

Magic is Friendship. Or something like that.

nobody likes just one pony

it’s a little odd number

And I’m back. You Horse Fuckers.

ponies are great pets

they make you a stable person

I was going to make it pony week, but I’ll be leaving for Sakuracon tomorrow and will probably not be posting through the weekend.



Ponies. Fucking ponies man.

Yes, ponies fucking ponies….  Basically that’s what I have been drawing for the past 2 months on my tumblr.  Which include humanized ponies and actual ponies, fucking.

And Panties thought it was a joke when he added that description…..

Front Page Hijack

I hijack your front page without being on the artist list!!!!!




Yes I was given permission to color this image.

Pony FF7 Crossovers