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peachy hime

peach&mario lrHere’s a full rendered drawing! Something that only happens about once a month or so! I had some difficulties drawing the flowers, but I pulled through somehow.

I’ll be selling this as a print at upcoming cons! I might make it to AX this year after all, thanks to friends being cool and things!

Below is a bit of a process and some rough sketches that resulted into the final version.

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veggies and things

peach veggiessColoring practice! I wanna draw more thighs and sadistic Peach.


dabes banchosFun sketch with Daidouji and Mako, my favorite banchos~ :3

schoolgirl princesses

ROSALINA-seifukulr DAISYlr


are available as 5×7 mini prints!

i just finished the rosalina one. honestly i am not too happy with the results but it is literally drawn at the last minute, since my flight is in four hours. ill try to sleep on the plane…

mario color doodles

mario color testwhat on earth has driven me to color my doodles? i have never done this. well, maybe once when i was coloring those corpse party doodles… but that doesn’t count. this was just coloring practice.

seriously where the hell did baby rosalina come from?

twitter doodles

here’s everything i posted on twitter in the last two days.

peachdoodle_ twoodle_ stress leafeons_ workdoodles10

that’s all for now!

Animal Crossing on Super Smash Brothers??

hahaha, I love the villager face <3


blonde bitches

anata to watashi mo NEET

kappamaki, peaches, milk and oreos

all foods that are not in my fridge