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so not only is my thesaurus terrible

it’s also terrible.


Superior version:

russian submarine never made it to american

it was stalin.

nah, I like boobs. Just in moderation. MODERATION.

i just realized the humor may be lost on the japanese crowd

Didn’t know how to draw squares in Photoshop/Sai, so I had to google one up.

can’t have boobs week without these

I dunno, I’ll actually draw something for boob week tomorrow.

sakuya taking it easy

this is now my default reaction image for anyone who draws glasses on a girl.

the pchat was down for an hour

and i rediscovered tegaki

I’m pretty sure it was a bad thing.

Sakuya Sketch

I’m back my lovely bitchesss ☞゚ヮ゚)☞ now dance for me ;D DANCEEEEEEEEEEEE (   ; ▽ 😉

Hi there!

Hi guys i’m new here<3

i want to thank to Rift-sama  for inviting me  to  be part of  this project <3  it’s an honour hehehe,  well here is my first draw,  a lovely Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou <3 hope you like it <3

Tools:  SAI & PCHAT

P0RN Sakuya

not part 6

without a tablet, I thought I’d try my hand at full size sketches again. They seemed to go well at NYAF:

Might take this into photoshop or SAI when I get back to my apartment. Or not.