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Pounding Ryouna

I feel ashamed because this might be too tame for Ryouna. Next time I get a lewd Ryouna request, I will make sure to abuse her properly.


murakumo sm

Wanted to draw some SFW boobies and I like Murakumo.

Another one that will be available for print!

katsunee colored


I posted this everywhere except here.

Hooray for coloring! Something I never do. I feel like making today’s live stream a Senran drawing session, since I feel like drawing some Senrans.



I thought I’d draw a Senran fanart that’s not so lewd, because 100% of them are porn and lewd. I wanna draw all my favorite Senrans now, but I think I’ll save that for another time, if there’s one…

Might color it if I feel like it.

doodle dump


Various sketches and doodles from the past month!

lux gropes

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twitter doodle dump!


Here are a few doodles that I posted on twitter! They are just roughs and silly things.


I’ve always wanted to draw a busty Sherry. I feel like I need to do a series of drawing with malfunctioning clothes while fighting zombies. Sounds fun.

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senran and doodle dump

so many swordsI finally finished this up. Second new print for Anime Detour and Animinneapolis! I’ll sell some old stuff, too. Below is a process for this drawing and various doodles from Twitter.

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a character design for doyo’s game





And a drawing of one of his characters for his other gameelizadeeeeethmimiiiibetter_than_nicoshinobuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaoimirai

and some other stuff




random stuffbig-ofatagoshibuya_rinhamakazehamburger


I’ll just leave this here.


Lesbians are hard to draw. My hand hurts.

Gripped my stylus too tightly again.

Happy birthday gooby ._.