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I thought I’d draw a Senran fanart that’s not so lewd, because 100% of them are porn and lewd. I wanna draw all my favorite Senrans now, but I think I’ll save that for another time, if there’s one…

Might color it if I feel like it.

I had to fire that scarecrow next to the school

he had something standing out in his field.

I think girls taking selfies is becoming something I draw. I have no idea why.


I gave the scarecrow a promotion

He was a real stand out in his field

I’ve sold my soul to the man and spending way too much time at work. I did sneak some drawings in. The usual genres, because that’s my life has come to. Can’t draw a girl without a banana:





why do brides dress in white

To match the rest of the kitchen appliances


veggies and things

peach veggiessColoring practice! I wanna draw more thighs and sadistic Peach.


dabes banchosFun sketch with Daidouji and Mako, my favorite banchos~ :3

Vancouver today was hardly the right temperature

It wasn’t anywhere close to 90 degrees

I delayed (as per usual) on starting Christmas Cards. I’m only about 10 cards done? I think I’ll just do the first 30 as first-come-first-served and then choose randomly for the rest.

Stuff I drew at conventions that I remembered to take photos of:





Someone asked me what my ideal weab character would be. This is pretty close. An Inu-youkai that  is moeblobs ;A;. Color scheme. It’ll be cool if someone else drew it. Ahue.

She wears loli clothes and streetfashion mainly.

Her name will be Inua for now until i find a better suited name ahue.

Sorry guys i dont draw desu



A Quickie sketch Before bed – Lily

I’m sorry Maggie OTZ, I also wanted to draw himari, but I feel pretty tired right now, so I really hope you like it!

Ruri moe mode ON


Yes,I’ve been a little more than absent these last few weeks, but I really wanted to draw something for you guys, I know you love Ruri as much as I do! so here is it! hope you like it! (*´▽`*)<3