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AX commissions!

These are commissions I did at AX. May we meet again at another con~
NSFW content below

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Misc doodles


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OC donut steals

oc group

Drew this in my sketchbook and decided to slap on some color. They finally have color! Hooray! I hope I can make something with them soon! Because I am busy with life and commission backlog, this will be the last OC drawing I’ll be doing until my next milestone goal is reached.

In other news, I reached my first milestone goal on Patreon! I’ll be hosting live streams at https://picarto.tv/gebdraws on Friday evenings at 11:30 PM (CST) to 1:30 AM (CST).

I’ll try coming up with a new theme each week! Things like waifu requests, fat thighs, tutorial making, or a theme of your choice. The first one will be this Friday (1/15).

OC image dump below.
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twitter doodle dump!


Here are a few doodles that I posted on twitter! They are just roughs and silly things.


I’ve always wanted to draw a busty Sherry. I feel like I need to do a series of drawing with malfunctioning clothes while fighting zombies. Sounds fun.

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I didn’t want to triple post

Miku’s just so fucking easy to draw holymoly.


Some ballpoint pen and digital doodlesrurururs.3 2

a bunch of things.

This is a bunch of random twitter doodles in one post! I don’t have much time to do any polished work, so this is all I’ve been able to put out. This post may contain SDR2 spoilers.neppuddings

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