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densetsu no senshi-kuru

oh god why ponies

miss mary sue, sue, sue

all dressed in blue, blue, blue


i am disappoint

Only 5 artists have actually met the first end of march deadline for VOCA-Fi, being Ippus, Kaname, Nigiriushi, panties and riftgarret.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t submitted a draft of your illustration, you are a bad person and you should feel bad.

p.s. doom and spike are excused because they bribed me.

it’s ok pantsu

those were still small boobies in my book

back to nonexistent chests

just dropping in to stop panties 3 post combo

there are some people who are still not watching smile precure.

you are everything that is wrong with this earth.

become a precure

if you’re not watching smile precure then you’re a bad person and you should feel bad.