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cons cons cons

Lots going on this weekend for any of you willing to leave your basements:

pan!ies & Kaho: Anime North (Toronto)
Ricegnat & Mochichu & Weee: Fanime (San Jose)
Magister: Momocon (Atlanta)
Godshot: Combobreaker (St. Charles, IL)

That’s four locations and two countries. And all of us would like some of your money. So go take your bi-monthly shower and have your mother drop you off at the nearest nerd convention with some allowance money. We won’t require eye contact for purchase. We’d prefer if you didn’t try.

I can think the unthinkable

all it takes is an ithberg

just one more because 3 seems a bit short for a set.

Forum Hi

So I just invented a new word

I’ll call it plagiarism.

Now that I’ve been to cafes with maids more than three times, I think I can consider myself an experienced member of the maid judgement panel. Almost every time I’ve been to a maid cafe, though, there’s been one or more maids that have worn trainers (like roshe’s or runners, not casual sneakers). I felt a bit disappointed. What’s a maid without the clippity-cloppity as they walk by?? But it begged the question, can maids look cute in casual sneakers if they tried to match it up?

Chuck Taylor Red

Dunk High Premium SB ‘DIAMOND’ (Dunk Tiffany)

Jordan IV

sometimes I bump into dolphins out bodyboarding

It’s always a whale of a tale.

There’s been a bit too much quality lately, so I’m here to lower the standards with some girls in seifuku and sneakers:

I like the ambiance of the this first one, the other two suck. But continue on anyways.

I should be writing new artist descriptions and reorganize the about page. But I like doing nothing productive.

I have been drawing guys as well and planning on posting them. There are no buts for that. You should be worried.

My pork was a little bruised

So I rubbed on some oinkment

So there were buses around Seattle during PAX prime that had advertisements for Project Diva F; it was both cool and shamefully embarrassing.

Just holding it down while gebs is gone.

I think all girls should wear cute clothes

I’m a bit of a fashist

I didn’t die. I just hate all of you.




(I don’t know what anime this last girl is from… but I thought it was cute outfit)

fuck these bad puns

They were being naughty.

Dear diary, today an anon got angry with me because I suck at hands.

I think he likes me.

Doki Doki.

I hate looking at my paycheck

being in a socialist country is so taxing.

Most of you won’t have the opportunity to buy the artbook anyways, so:

Hifiman and Adidas

This one is for you, pokemon dude.

Luka: Hifiman HE-400 , Adidas Forums High
Rin: Hifiman HE-300
Miku: Hifiman HE-5 , Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings

Stax and Nikes

various levels of done.

Product Placement:
Miku – Stax Omega, Nike Dunk Tiffany
Luka – Stax SR303, Air Jordan III