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copying? no, not really!

sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a pose and i usually stare at photos of people for references and pose ideas, but they aren’t very fun.

so it helps to draw stuff from anime, movies, or redraw stuff by artists you like or whatnot. it’s great practice and it’s fun~

doodlesa_babby satsuki is so friggin cute. i think their parents have ridiculously weird 90s hair styles.

and it’s back to drawing stuff that i won’t post. :v


Everyone’s doing this thing and I also wanted to be popular but in the end I failed XDD, anyway, you’re free to join if you want <33

http://10000000.pixiv.net/ema/X140:Y36 spacedandyposterblehhhdsds

luv ya so much guys <333


Why did the spider fail school

spent too much time on the web

No, I think I still have too much shame to start using pickup lines for my post titles.