pan!ies at AX

D71. Bring thigh highs and entertainment, or either, or just money.

My new prints suck, but you should stop by my table anyways because Gebyy will be sharing with me and she has some pretty good yuri. She’s also doing commissions for cheaper than she should. I’ll do my best to undercut her (in price and quality).

I’ll draw your shitty chinese waifu in whatever compromising position you want as well (for the right amount of money).

If you bring your parents by, I’ll even talk to you like we’re on friendly terms (please don’t ask for my real name). Your parents will go home relieved thinking that you may have real friends, while you sit in your room fapping to that drawing I sold you before.

Here they are in jpeg if you want to pirate print them all grainy and low resolution. You’ll be stealing money away from me, which may keep me a bit more sober this weekend. Or just a bit poorer and still not sober. It’d be cool if you wouldn’t force me into tapping into my onahole fund.



I moved my bed into the corner

because all I want is a one night stand.



Remember 2008? When we used to play touhous and draw on tegakie, and watched gurren lagann and macross frontier? And life was swell and nobody cared where our artist alley table got placed at Anime Expo? REMEMBER? Well, everything seems better in hindsight. That’s what your parents tell you when your dog dies.

sometimes, when the bathroom’s closed

urine trouble

I wonder if Christmas cards are a good way to measure the popularity of series throughout the years? It would be a bit skewed as people would tend to choose the western fandoms that I already associate with, or just lewd stuff that they would nmormally not be able to get somebody to draw, but even then, a couple hundred people is not too shabby of a sample size. In defense of the statistical viability, the diminishing number of Touhou requests is rather indicative of its current trend in the rest of the world as well.
Only two this year, and one was a freebie.

But, oddly enough, strike witches came strong this year: