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I learned how to draw two circles

but in all honesty, it was bit pointless.

I’m still here. Still drawing stupid shit. Most of the Kwahanisokalda/holiday cards will get completed this year I think.

Otherwise I’m still coming off the high that was Miku’s 10 year anniversary.


the usual from me, giant boobs and a jam

A month ago.

Best Girl’s 10th anniversary was last month, so I did a drawing prompt thing.

Really helped me realize how long ago I peaked.

why do you never see an elephant hiding in a tree?

because they’re very good at it

Oh, i got into Artist Alley at Anime North.

Also, a bunch of us will be at Sakuracon -but no table. If you have one and would enjoy our company, please leave a message. We liek to know which weirdoes to avoid.

Happy Birthday Miku

9 years old! She a big girl now. Selfie~ <3jitoriDGNr jitoriHTJr

I would say hey

but hay is for horses and I think you’re a fox.

I haven’t had any large periods of time to draw lately, so I’ve been taking quick sketch requests off twitter and sribbling out as many as I can before needing some sleep. March 14 and March 16 sessions:

“a crying Saber”

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Seagulls don’t fly over bays

those are bagels

It’s Miku day motherfuckers!



Hey, have you looked at the keyboard recently?

U and I are together.

Life of a school idol, continued:

Fuck me if I’m wrong,

but is your name Debby?

I get asked if I have a waifu…. no? I don’t think so. Most people point at Miku while asking. So maybe she counts, but it’s more of an adoration. I like the idea of Miku being fluid with the creator -a character that everybody is allowed to love however they prefer her. Except with giant boobs. That’s fucking heresy, man.



Can’t feed a taxidermist

They do the stuffing.

I don’t remember drawing/updating on a regular basis being so hard.