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Darth WOoser & d4rk_fl4m3_m45t3r

Wooser’s for panties. Happy birthday panties!

wooser dark_flame_master

This place used to be nice and vanilla

what happened to the good ol’ days?

Wooser – AKG K702, MP5, Nike Dunk Jordan Pack

this too. done. next year i’ll learn textures or something

Wooser – AKG K702, HK MP5 RAS, Nike Dunk Jordan VII
Darth Wooser – AKG K701, HK MP5k, Nike Dunk Jordan III

more wooser. needs headphones and shoes.

Been feeling burnt out lately from work.
But that has nothing to do with this sketch:

I think I’ll start polishing up random sketches soon. Need to figure out what I want to finish and print for AX.

akg k702 k701, nike dunk jordan III

and unmarked gun. Pose looks a little wonky (I stole the pose from somebody else on pchat), so I might just trash this and start over.

and for people who wonder at what point I start coloring, it usually looks something like this:

come at me bro

having car troubles. not as much sketching going on because of it.

bringing the quality back to acceptable levels

no headphones or sneakers here. :0 :0

Maybe I’ll throw some on later.

AKG k701 k702, MP5K MP5-RAS, Nike Dunk Jordan Pack

Wooser: AKG k702, MP5 RAS, Nike Dunk Jordan III
Darth Wooser: AKG k701, MP5k PDW, Nike Dunk Jordan VIII

Might be a WIP, but I’m not sure if I’ll polish it more any time soon. So done?
Suck at backgrounds, just threw something back there. Don’t know how to use brushes and filters.