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I should start posting here again

no joke.

just been sort of pretending to be kinda busy with life, you know?

I’m not very confident naked

I’m only a little cocky.

Still trying to get used to using a tablet again. Did I ever know how? It feels like I’m drawing with my left foot.





Some guys talk about the French Open as if they could have made it

But they all talk in past tennis
And in truth, they’ve never loved and lost
And now all they get served are bagels

Some waifu scribbles from last Friday:



Why don’t you get cookies from girls?

you didn’t knead-to-know





ponies never talk in real life

they’re a little horse

I think boobs can be cool.

can’t have boobs week without these

I dunno, I’ll actually draw something for boob week tomorrow.

this week

I used the pencil tool. It was cool.

I also drew a lot of guys. That was weird.

If anybody actually visits this sketchblog, give me requests

Not that drawing yoko is a bad thing, but it’s usually a sign of inspiration running low. A default.

cards 2010, part 1 of possibly a billion

Just going to post them as I’m notified of their arrival; leaving out the lazy ones or any containing penis.

pedo-sama? Not sure if this was my unofficial persona or the unofficial mascot of the old sketchblog