OC donut steals

oc group

Drew this in my sketchbook and decided to slap on some color. They finally have color! Hooray! I hope I can make something with them soon! Because I am busy with life and commission backlog, this will be the last OC drawing I’ll be doing until my next milestone goal is reached.

In other news, I reached my first milestone goal on Patreon! I’ll be hosting live streams at https://picarto.tv/gebdraws on Friday evenings at 11:30 PM (CST) to 1:30 AM (CST).

I’ll try coming up with a new theme each week! Things like waifu requests, fat thighs, tutorial making, or a theme of your choice. The first one will be this Friday (1/15).

OC image dump below.
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so i heard you like league porn


this will probably be next since i’ve been meaning to make a print of these two for awhile now…

ahri kat sketch

on another note, we probably won’t be shipping out orders next week while we’re at sakura-con. all orders that have already been placed will be shipped out before then, though! we’ll be back on schedule once we’re back at homebase. see you guys there~ :3